First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM is one of a hundred better hospitals of China , of the national demonstration  TCM hospitals at the provincial level and of Class A hospitals . It was established in 1954 and extended in 1985. It is classified as a general TCM teaching  hospital  with  the  highest technical categories on the largest scale . It is named as “National  Clinical  Research  Centre of Acupuncture and Moxibustion”, “National Special Medical Centre of Acupuncture and Moxibustion”, “National Emergency Medical Centre of TCM,” “National Pediatric Medical Centre of TCM” by State TCM Administration Bureau.
   The hospital covers an area of more than 50.000 square meters. There are over 1000 sickbeds in  its  in-patient  department , 24  sick  sections  and  ICU and CCU wards. The rate of ward utilization has been keeping on 100 % for eight years. There are more than 4.000 outpatients a day on average . There  have  been more than one million outpatients of each year for thirteen years .The total  staffs of the hospital amount to more than  1.500 , among  which  over 1.200 are   medical  and  technical  personnel  and  about 300 of  them are  professors or associate professors, chief  doctors  and  associate  director  of doctors. In the  hospital , there are 23 clinical  technical   departments , such  as   Acupuncture and Moxibustion Dept. , Internal Medicine Dept.Surgery  Dept .Emergency  Dept.Psychosomatic  Center,International  Convalescent Center, Orthopedics Dept ., Tuina  (Chinese massage)  Dept ., Cardiac  Surgery  Dept . Peptic Dept.,Pediatrics Dept.,Ophthalmology Dept.,Cerebral  Surgery  Dept .,Obstetrics and Gynecology Dept ., Otorhinolaryngology Dept ., Dermatology Dept ., Stomatology Dept ., Anesthesia Dept., Nutrition Dept ., Medicament Dept ., Central Laboratory . Functional  Examination  Dept . and Radiation  Dept . and  69 clinics for special diseases . And 15 branches of National Clinical Research Center of Acupuncture and Moxibusfion have been established in China . The  hospital pays more attention to the utilization of the modern technique, it has more than 1.000 medical instruments on the advanced world level for  clinical examination , diagnosis  and  treatment, such as 1.5T Nuclear Magnetic Resonance , Whole-body Computed Tomography , Center  Monitoring System , Large Automatic Biochemical Analyzer , Automatic  Thromhus  and  Hemostasis Analyzer, Automatic Enzyme lmmunoassay,Atomic Absorber,Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ,Color Ultrasonograph , Osteo-density  Instrument ,Skull Color Ultrasonic Doppler System , Dynamic  Electrocardiogram  System ,Multi-media Color Pathologic Analytic System with the Picture and Essay.The  hospital  has  achieved  the computer management and connected with international information net.
   The  hospital  is  the comprehensive base of the medical treatment, teaching and scientific research  characterized  as  the  diagnosis  and  treatment  of TCM , and is a national center appointed to cultivate  M.D. and  postgraduates of TCM . The hospital is outstanding and noted both at home and abroad for the curative effect of its " Xing Nao Kai Qiao"  (XNKQ, activating the brain and Opening the orifices) Therapy in treatment of apoplexy , which  was initiated by Prof . SHI Xuemin , tutor of M.D ., president of the hospital as well as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering . The  hospital  has  been well on its way to vitalizing itself with science and technology . Over  one hundred of achievements of science and technology have been obtained . It has become one of modern large hospitals of TCM with more subjects, medical treatment, science, technology and teaching. The third industry-Shi Tian Group has established the  modern  pharmaceutical  group  and White Cross Appliance Company of Hygienic Materials by Sino-Japan  joint  venture  according  to  the  international  standards and has a capacity of manufacturing  more  than  200  kinds  of  TCM  medicines  and  over ten kinds of the sanitary materials , which  have brought good economic benefit for the hospital after throwing into the market.
    In the hospital, there are high-level wards like the hotel. The patients from more than 20 countries  and  districts of the world were attracted to come to the hospital for treatment by its reputation . At the same time , some Chinese doctors of other cities for further education were  trained  in  the  hospital . The  hospital  has  successfully  sponsored six sessions of International Clinical Academic Conferences of Acupuncture and Moxibustion . There  were  more than 800 scholars from over ten countries to join in it . The hospital has formed the friendly hospitals  with  the  medical  setups  of USA and Japan , etc. to promote the medical overseas exchange , In  recent  years , more than 300 doctors and nurses from the hospital have been to over 20 countries of USA , Japan , Germany, Korea, Yugoslavia to deliver lectures and give the medical services.
   Overall View of
    the Hospital
   First Advancement
Time  of  over  fourty  years has engraved the great development track of first Teaching Hospital of Tianjin Uiversity of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 Second advancement
    Old Appearance of      the Hospital